CradlePoint Compact Broadband Router Reviews

CradlePoint Compact Broadband Router Specifications and Reviews

  • DC in Jack
  • Provides up to safe 16 WiFi connections in a tim
  • Two WiFi Networks: 1 private for the proprietor, one public with regard to guest connections
  • WiFi as WAN: provides you with the ability to use an current WiFi source with regard to Internet connectivity as well as rebroadcast as a secure network
  • Supports each WiFi-enabled and Ethernet-enabled devices
  • 802.11 N Wireless with 2×2 MIMO antennas for improved peformance and coverage
  • Ability to identify an Internet outage as well as switch to the wireless 3G/4G Web, allowing critical company applications to run 24×7
  • Built-in Virtual private network Terminiation allows for secure online connectivity to corporate server
  • Modem Wellness Management monitors online connectivity of connected locations, providing recovery techniques to reset or power-cycle

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